Environmental Music for the Diversity of Life
Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (MUSE) is the 501(c)3 non-profit fiscal sponsor of Earthday Radio. MUSE has launched this project to showcase and grow the green music list and to establish internet radio stations dedicated to the diversity of people singing out for the diversity of life.

Earthday.fm is a full-spectrum radio station broadcasting songs of all genres that span six decades of growing environmental awareness. The station features music from around the world with environmental, indigenous, and empowerment lyrics. It will also blend some of the world’s best environmental podcasts and news programs with the power of music.

Weboflife.fm, dedicated to the memory of singer/songwriter Walkin Jim Stoltz, will be an online radio stream that features environmental music specially programmed for families and children.

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Organizational Background: Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (musemusic.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of music to promote environmental awareness and protect our shared natural heritage of wild lands, wild water, and wildlife. The organization has produced three compilation albums and organized concerts that pay tribute to our connection to all life and to such role models as Rachel Carson. In addition, MUSE uses proceeds from its eco albums to donate to pragmatic grass-roots environmental efforts where its funding yields tangible and meaninful results.

Project Leadership Details

Project Director: Traci Hickson has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic (’98 coa.edu) in Bar Harbor, Maine and a Master’s degree in Applied Community Change and Conservation from the Future Generations Graduate School (’05, future.edu). She has been an environmental radio broadcaster since the age of 15, producing programs from 1992-2001. In 1998, she received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study the role of community radio stations in advancing environmental and social change worldwide. In 1999, she returned home to West Virginia, where she has worked as the Director of Communications and Conservation Team Coordinator for Future Generations (future.org) and the Future Generations Graduate School (future.edu).

Together with friends, Traci began compiling the green music list in 1990 under the banner of Web of Life Audio. This list has grown through the years with contributions from recording artists, recording companies, and individuals worldwide. It is with great joy that we now have an opportunity with Musicians United to Sustain the Environment to share this wide diversity of music for the diversity of life.

MUSE Leadership

President Craig Wagner co-founded MUSE with Walkin Jim Stoltz. Craig is former Marketing Director for Hewlett Packard and a contributing recording artist to MUSE albums.

Members of the MUSE Board of Trustees include:
Joyce Johnson Rouse (Earth Mama)
Leslie Stoltz
Susan Grace

Thanks to our volunteers: Brittany Callaham and Joyce Johnson Rouse

Contact Us:We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us in the heart of the Appalachias at:

Earthday Radio Project

Project Director: Traci Hickson


Mail Donations to: Earth Day Radio  P.O. Box 20  Independence, VA 24348

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