Environmental Music for the Diversity of Life

This site is a bonanza of environmental music and the gateway to earthday.fm (full spectrum ecomusic) and weboflife.fm (ecosongs for children).

MUSE (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment) set up these two web radio stations to recognize the diversity of musicians singing out for the diversity of life. 

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Also on this website, you will find the world's most comprehensive listing of green songs, earth songs, and environmental audio material, including over 5,000 songs with environmental, indigenous, and empowerment lyrics.

This earth music spans six decades and includes a full spectrum of genres, including  rock, metal, blues, reggae, country, and folk. The green music list and eco audo inventory includes songs by both well known and independent recording artists, and includes eco songs from Australia, Canada,Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

Here you will find an eco music database with nature songs, ocean songs, protest songs, energy songs, songs for Native American land rights, songs integrating social and environmental justice, and songs for the web of life.

Please visit again soon, as we will be upgrading this website to include a searchable database of the eco music, so that you may search for songs by artist, genre, and topic.

Please help us spread the word, support this music, and join our growing coalition of supporters. You can help in many ways, support earthday music today.

One way is to gift songs to the station. To gift a song to Earthday Radio, click  <here> to see our Amazon wish list, click on the song that you want to contribute, and select Give Song As a Gift.

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